Sunday, June 29, 2008

NYC - Yanks and Mets

So I took a quick trip to NYC for the weekend to hang with Pops and hit the Mets/Yankees Subway Series... Friday was a dope experience - I road to the ballpark (Shea Stadium) with Pops and then hopped on the team bus to Yankee Stadium for a 2pm game that the Mets won 15 - 6... (Unless we play the Yanks in the 2008 World Series - this would be my final trip to Yankee Stadium as the New Yankee Stadium is near completion and is erected directly across the street from old Yankee Stadium in the Bronx) The game was special not only because we won, but because it was the last regular season game the Mets and Yanks would play in Yankee Stadium which has hosted the bombers since 1923. We would then hop back on the team bus to Shea and play game 2 of the day/night double header... That ended in 9 -0 loss. We didn't get home till like 1AM and had to be up early for a day game on Saturday... Saturday we lost again 3 -2 and the rain literally dampened the day. The sun was out today and a much needed win seemed to be on the way... I threw on my 86' Mets "Manuel" home jersey from the 2006 season when the team wore the throwback to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of their 2nd world title... We were hit by an hour or so of rain but where the righteous reside, darkness must disperse... The sun came back out and so did Pops's Mets, taking it to the Yanks 3 -1. Hopefully the win will keep the media off of Pops' back for a day or two... The fans seem to like my dad and dig his cool, OG approach to the game... I found the picture below on some Mets fan's blog - pretty dope.