Saturday, December 27, 2008


According to Hypebeast:
"Showcasing the photographic side of his artistic arsenal, Futura’s work graces the cover of LTD Magazine’s 2008 Winter issue. As touched upon this year, the New York-based artist spent sometime attending all of Major League Baseball’s ballparks, capturing the essence of each “cathedral of the game”, hours before the players even set foot on the field. The issue, having just released, is now available at select newsstands nationwide."
Yo I'm loving these cats at LTD... If you know me then you know that a day baseball game, nachos, root bear and a bag of peanuts = heaven to me! Even more, I love walking into an empty ballpark right before batting practice and watching it fill up... This issue of LTD covers the beauty and anticipation of that moment... I'm going to cop a copy today! Unlike other pro sports venues, baseball cathedrals (ballparks) are each unique, distinctive and matchless in their own way.... One of my goals is to visit every MLB Ballpark in the country... So far I've been to about 20... 10 to go! Dope cover guys and ill concept for the Mag!