Saturday, May 09, 2009


My man Brook D'Leau of J-Davey is dropping some words of wisdom on his new blog... Keep up with him HERE...

Here's a sneak peak... Courtesy of Mr. "Pink Cashmere" himself...

the club x business = bad business

1) 9 times out of 10, i’m high or drunk and the mind tends to ramble under the influence of such vices. don’t expect any cohesive statements or ideas to tumble out of my mouth. and if it does end up making some sort of sense, congratulate me then buy me a drink for the perfect dismount.

2) if you said “we need to get up!….let me see if i still have your number?”, you probably have an old number to which i will respond,”yes, that’s the right one.” and if you have the right one, i’ll “correct” it.

3) don’t you love running into the same cat like fifty-leven times and making the SAME plans with you in your right ear while the bass frequencies are ensuring your hearing loss before the age of 30 in the right?….i feel like the latter is more appealing, thanks.

4) Yawn.

5) here’s the thing…i don’t believe you.